Playing in the band

A rock band is more than making music with friends. It is about the story behind the music. We have encountered numerous challenges since the inception of our rock band, “The One”, but the feeling when we finally have an incredible piece is more rewarding than anything else. Transitioning from our basement practices to performing in local bars was initially frustrating, but everyone in the band was determined to see it through.

Band practice sessions

Rehearsals can either make or break the band. Our band meets thrice every week, and we have done so for the past year. Our aim is to have well-structured, heavy-duty practice sessions that will help improve both our individual and team performance by combining both rhythm and melody instruments. We all agree on what areas we need to work on before our next show and ensure our material is absolute perfection.

Live show performance

Performing in a live show can be nerve racking and challenging. Our band is open to perform in any venue as long as we scout the place first to make sure the management and staff have a good vibe. The last thing we want to deal with is rude staff and bad sound. Before we perform, I like to dance to shake off the nerves while my band mates prefer meditating.

Before we hit the stage, we use a list of instruments for the setup. Then, we perform a sound check and warm up for a few minutes. To avoid embarrassing moments we plan our flow from the first to last song. We also avoid alcohol before and after our set as no one likes a drunk entertainer. Our aim is to deliver an outstanding performance every time we take the stage.