About me and my blog

Do you like the variety that life has to offer? Are you looking for some interesting things to read? Welcome to my blog. You have come to the right place if you like diversity in the topics that you engage with on the Web. Topics like life as a blogger, life in Stockholm, web-design, are just a few of the fascinating topics that you will find here.

A variety of interests

I am really pleased that you have stopped by to visit my personal blog. I hope that you will be invigorated by the various topics that I write about. I am not a boring guy, that is for sure! I have a lot of interests and that helps to keep life interesting and to make it bright and hopeful. I hope your life is bright and hopeful too.

My life in Stockholm

I have a real passion for writing about a whole array of random topics that come into my mind. I am highly creative with a plethora of ideas. Therefore, I wish you a very pleasant reading experience when you visit my blog. I also must say that I am privileged to live in Stockholm, one of the most amazing places in the world, in my opinion.

Furthermore, I am having a great time studying web-design. Consequently, I look forward to being able to create a lot of nifty things related to web design. I am experimenting with some different projects now and they are turning out pretty well. I will keep you up to date. Also, I love playing my bass-guitar in a local band, and will make sure to write about that too.